Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Russian Studies

(Specializations offered: Language/ Literature / Translation)

Candidates may register for Ph. D in Russian Language and literature. Those interested in registering for a Ph. D program should contact the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Humanities, Arts Faculty, 1st Floor South Campus, New Delhi 110021 for details regarding Information Bulletin, registration procedure, application form etc. applications should be submitted to the Head of the Department. After proper scrutiny of the requisite qualification etc., the Head of the Department, in consultation with the members of the Department Research Committee, may recommend the application and the name of the Supervisor who will guide the applicant in the research work. On such recommendation, the Board of Research Studies (Humanities) may, if it deems fit, approve the application. Admission to the Ph.D programme is regulated through the office of Chairman, Board of Research Studies FASSH, Arts Faculty, South Campus. In every case, the Department has disciplinary and general control over the research student and his/her research work. The course is conducted under the Ordinance VI B of University of Delhi the details of which are available on the University Website

Ph.D course work

syllabus for entrance exam