M.A. Russian Studies

Aims & Objectives:

a) To achieve the faculty of independent comprehension and analysis of texts on modern Russian Language, literary texts, critical appreciation of literary works, ability to arrive at hypotheses and theoretical conceptualization.

b) To develop skills in theory and practice of translation.

c) To develop the faculties and an aptitude for interdisciplinary research.

d) To achieve an optimum level of literary language expression (both oral and written).

e) To foster broad cross-cultural awareness with a view to create sound historico-cultural foundations.

f) To develop skills and faculties for undertaking research endeavors.

Number of Seats- 30*
Duration: Two academic years spread over four semesters.

Eligibility for Admission:

a. Graduation in Russian Language & Literature OR
b. Graduation in any other subject plus Advanced Diploma course in Russian / Intensive (Full-Time) Advanced Diploma course in Russian of the University of Delhi or an Equivalent course thereto.

M.A. Entrance Examination 2018-19

Admission procedure: entrance test – written

Medium of Instruction and Examination – Russian * As given in the South Campus handbook-2006. Increase in seats is subject to Implementation of OBC reservation.

New Course Structure and Syllabus

Mode of Evaluation
1. End Semester Examination – 70 Marks
2. Internal Assessment – 30 Marks

The Internal Assessment marks will be based as per the following criteria:

a) Attendance – 10 Marks, the credit or attendance in each paper will be as follows:

1. 85% and more – 10 Marks
2. 80% or more but less than 85%- 8 Marks
3. 75% or more but less than 80%- 6 Marks
4. 70% or more but less than 75%- 4 Marks
5. More than 67% but less than 70% - 2 marks.

b) One In-House Examination – 10 Marks
c) Two home assignments of 5 marks each – 10 marks