Dr. Rashmi Joshi
Associate Professor in Bulgarian
Email : abnrashmi54@yahoo.com
Educational Qualification : Ph.D. in Bulgarian Philogy, University of Sofia “Klement Okhridski”, Sofia,1983.
Research Interests/Specialization : Bulgarian Language, Literature, Folklore & Translation and Comparative Studies.

List of Publications

1. Panchtantra (Selected stories from Panchantantra) accepted in 2006 by GERA ART, Bulgaria, published in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2007.
2. Language Teaching and Folklore with Bulgarian as a case study . (under Publication) Dialogue Society, Kolkata.

Selected Papers & Articles on Bulgarian Culture:

1. Bulgaria mein Hindi …an article published in Jan Sansar, No. 13 dt.115th July 2007; p.6-7.
2. Ananuvadyataa – article in Anuvaadaur Tatkaal Bhashaantarann, ed.by Dr.Vimlesh KantiVarma, Pub., publication Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. Of India, New Delhi,2010. ISBN: 978-81-230-1597-2
3. Bai Ganjo –a Bulgarian Prototype?.....Resonance, Journal of the Deptt.SFUS, December , 2011.
4. The Influence of A. Akhmatova on Early Poems of E. Bagriana. Published in book The Russian Discourse in the Contemporary Intercultural Context, Ed. by Ranjana Saxena & published by Prakashan Sanasthan, 2012 ISBN 978-93-82848-14-1

Selcted Literary Translations from Bulgarian into Hindi:

1. Poetichesko Izkustvo – (Kavi Ki Kala) – a poem by EdvinSugarve Jan Sansar, Calcutta (4.10.99)
2. Utro ( Subaha); Sirotnapesen (GeetEkaki); Edinubeet ( EkMritukSeepahi ) Three poems by DimchoDebelyanov; Sahitya Amrita; February 2007; p.43
3. Hinsa (nasiliie); Kavita (poeziya); Nirvasit (Izgonena); Sva (Sebesi); Pratipaksh (opozitsiya) Nasihate (Suveti) ; Six poems by Kusum Jain translated from Hindi to Bulgarian, Altera, XI,2007, p.47-49.
4. Bejad ped (Durvobeskoreni) a short story by Nikolai Khaitov, Sahitya Amrit, September,2012.p.36-42.


I. UGC Major Project No. F 5-53/95 “Use and Application of Folklore (Folklore) in the studies of Bulgarian and Hungarian Language and Literature”.

II. UGC Major Research Project No. (F.No.5-236/2006) “ Image of India as Reflected in Bulgarian Culture and Literature.”


  • Fellowship to visit Bulgaria for three months (17.09.2007 to 16.12.2007 under the Cultural Exchange Programme by UGC.
  • Dr. Rashmi was granted ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship funded by European Union and visited Frei University from in August 2009.


Dr. Rashmi Joshi was awarded “The Golden Laurel” award by the Government of Bulgaria for her contribution to Bulgarian Studies.

Other interests

Teaching to the deprived, especially children from weaker section. Reading and Travelling.