Important Notes for Students

Notice Board:

The students should regularly see the Notice Board for information regarding courses, time-table, examination, holidays, attendance, dates for payment of fees, various scholarships for advanced studies, placement offers etc.

DTC Bus Pass:

The documents of DTC Bus Pass will be issued only 3 weeks after the start of the classes. No certificate will be issued without the class-teacher certifying regular attendance of classes by the student.

ID card:

The student’s Identity Card for the part-time course will be valid for one term. The same may be extended for the next term subject to the payment of dues and regularity in attending classes.

Hostel Facilities:

Ph.D., M. Phil., M.A. scholars are eligible for accommodation in University hostels and are considered for award of fellowship of the University Grants Commission and others.


In case of all Certificates, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Intensive courses the students will be required to put in not less than 60% attendance in lectures beside satisfactory home work in each term separately and three fourths of attendance during the year (all terms taken together). The name of the student running short of the required percentage of attendance, after 1st or 2nd term, will be struck off the rolls as per university rules (as mentioned on page 321, clause –A(II) Vol. I of University of Delhi Calendar, 1998).


All the students registered in the Department are subject to general disciplinary control of the University and must conform to the regulations of the University.